Can student loans be paid off through debt consolidation?

Can Credit Counselling Help With My Student Loan?

In most cases, student loan debt is not added to a Debt Consolidation management plan. The only exceptions to this are if you have been denied a Loan Rehabilitation, or the debt has been sent to Collections. The loan may qualify for a Debt Management Plan with a Credit Counselling firm such as ours if this is the case. The student loan, and government interest, would have to be repaid in less than 5 years. There is no interest relief, or reduction of the debt amount on a Debt Management Plan, so the student loans will have to be fully repaid.

If this still isn’t possible, the next option is the Consumer Proposal settlement plan where you repay a portion of the student loan, or Bankruptcy, which can only be possible if the student loans are over 7 years in repayment.

Another option to investigate for Student Loan debt is the Repayment Assistance Program.

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