COVID-19 and Our Core Values

Struggling Financially – Call for a Free Consult

With the understanding of how many people are struggling financially during this pandemic, Consumer Credit Counselling has been able to remain open to help clients with their finances. They have also made innovative ways to virtually assist anyone with their needs.

How is your company adapting and innovating to meet your customers’ needs during COVID-19?

We understand that a lot people are in very stressful financial situations due to the pandemic with reduced hours or being completely laid off. We have been very lucky to be able to remain open and fully functional during this time to offer options to help clients with a lower debt payment if their bank wasn’t able to help them out directly. We continue to be available to help anyone by phone, email and live chat messenger and we recently starting doing consultations by online video through Skype or Zoom, whatever the client has access to in hopes of us being able to help them during this difficult time.

What is your company’s core values and how do they affect the way you operate?

Consumer Credit Counselling has high standards of integrity and honesty to ensure our clients are given the best options for them. Clients that contact us for help can be very upset so being very empathetic and having compassion for each unique situation is the starting point. Our commitment to anyone that contacts us is to be a reliable company to get them on their path to being debt free and to support them throughout the process while keeping all information completely private and confidential. Our clients will get the desired results to feel less stressed and relieved like a weight off their shoulder. They can depend on us.

Consumer Credit Counselling is here to help you get through Covid-19

If you are struggling with making minimum payments on your Credit Cards, please contact us for a free consultation and a licensed Credit Counsellor can help you with a lower payment and interest option in hopes of freeing up more cash for you in your budget during these unprecedented times.

If you have more questions about your debt, you can also check out our questions page where we have answered many common questions about debt and your everyday life.