How To Deal With Debt Collectors

Know Your Rights

Did you know that each province has different restrictions on the activities of debt collectors. The following are generally accepted restrictions across all provinces:

What To Do If Debt Collectors Call

Having debt collectors call can be a very scary and intimidating experience. Not to panic, aside from the restrictions placed on debt collectors by each province, there are a few different things you can do to shield yourself.

1. Don’t ignore the calls

  • Discussing details of your debt with anyone at your home or workplace without the consent of the debtor
  • Using profane, coercive, or abusive language
  • Calling before 7 am or after 9 pm
  • Addressing you in a distressful or humiliating manner
  • Collecting without a proper provincial license
  • Attempting to force you into bankruptcy
  • Exerting undue or unreasonable pressure
  • Collecting more than what is owing on the debt

These calls will not just go away. Answer the calls and ask which debt they are specifically trying to collect on. You can then ask about negotiating a repayment schedule or bring this information to us and we can help.

2. Create record of calls

Whenever a debt collector does call make sure you record what time they called, where they are calling from, what debt they are trying to collect on and a brief summary of the phone call. Having this record will help to see if they broke any of the above mentioned conditions as well as it is good practice to have a record of these communications to show you are not dodging these calls.

3. Ask to be communicated with in writing only

Ask to be communicated in writing only. If you are working on the funds to offer the Collection Agency or the Agency becomes too harassing, you can request for the Collection Agency to send you communication by mail only. This is known as a Cease and Desist Letter which is basically advising the Agency you only wish to be communicated in writing going further. Make sure to keep a copy of the letter and make sure to send it registered so you have proof that they received this request from you.

4. Block Unknown Numbers

Most cell phone companies will also allow you to block unknown calls if you go to your settings to change that to block all unwanted calls. Most cell phones have a do not disturb setting on your phone where you can select an option to allow calls only from you contact list.

5. We Can Help

As part of our services we work directly with the debt collectors to stop harassing phone calls. They will begin contacting us about your account and you will have peace of mind!

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