Debt Reduction

With the economic times of today, it may not be possible in your household budget for the first option to repay your debt within 5 years with the Debt Management Plan. Do not worry, you have other options! Our Licensed Credit Counsellors will evaluate your situation for free to determine if a Debt Reduction Plan is the right step for you to take which can be a lower payment option to ensure the payment works better for your Budget.

Cut Your Debt up to 70%

  • Repay approximately 30% of your unsecured debt
  • Avoid bankruptcy
  • Retain your personal assets including your home and vehicle
  • Stop any legal collection activity against you including a wage garnishment
  • Up to 5 years to pay your debt
  • One monthly payment
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The Debt Reduction option (also known as a Consumer Proposal Plan) is the next step if you are not able to afford to repay 100% of your debt through the Debt Management Plan. Debt Reduction is a better option than Bankruptcy as you do not have to submit a monthly budget and your payment will be fixed for a term of 3 to 5 years. Your Credit Rating is not affected as low as a Bankruptcy and it will generally be a lower payment than what you are currently paying monthly. This option is administered by a Bankruptcy Trustee in your province.

We will go through a Budget in detail with you to assess your situation to see if this plan works for you over the Debt Management Plan. If the Debt Reduction option is not affordable, we can refer you onto the next step directly with a Bankruptcy Trustee in your province. We will always find a solution for you!

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Real Life Examples from our Consumer Credit Counselling Clients


Real Savings*

  • Amount of Debt
  • Prior Monthly Payment
  • Prior Time to Pay Off Debt
  • NEW Monthly Payment
  • NEW Time to Pay Off Debt
  • *Savings on a Debt Reduction Plan

*Savings are approximate and dependent on each client’s financial situation

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