Amanda Corea

Vancouver, BC March, 2019
“Thank you for your prompt attention and thank you again for all your assistance over the last few years. As I have now made my final payment, I thought you might be interested in learning a little bit about the role, you and your organization, have played in my financial journey over the last few years. When I started on this journey I felt very hopeless about the possibility of ever feeling in control of my debt and was completely financially illiterate. However, since starting with your organization and being through debt counselling, it has really inspired me to learn and develop in this area. Now I have a monthly budget which I stick to and have not only paid off my consumer debt but have paid off a personal loan and one of my student loans as well. It will still be several years before I am debt-free entirely but I now feel like I have the tools to see it through. Thank you for the vital work you are doing.”