Credit Card Relief in Canada – for the Maritimes/Atlantic (NS, NB, PEI, & NFLD)

178554678Sick of being in debt? Can’t stand paying off interest without chipping away at the principal? Need a breath of fresh air?

We’re a leading debt consolidation agency offering credit card relief in Canada, and we’re here to help you attain credit card relief. We know how tough it can be to get a step up on your credit card debt, and how these struggles are compounded when we earn, on average, some of the lowest per capita family incomes in the nation (in some cases, almost $10,000 less!).

The Maritimes and Atlantic region are a special place in Canada – a place like none other. We have our own unique culture and way of life – a way of life that sets us apart from the rest of Canada. Us Maritimers take pride in where we live and who we are, and unfortunately this means that sometimes it’s tough for us to ask for help, especially when we know we need it.

Real Life Examples from our Consumer Credit Counselling Clients:

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“We thank you very much for your help in getting to this point. It was very stressful and frustrating in the beginning and I even had my doubts that it would lead to anything,but it did and we are grateful to you.We know this is not over yet but at least there is more hope now than before.”

Cornerbrook, NL

Credit card debt should not be something you should have to live with all your life. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but unless you take action to relieve yourself from credit card debt, it just keeps growing.

Asking for help is the first step to achieving credit card relief – in Canada, and especially here in the Maritimes.

What we offer are debt consolidation services that enable you to start paying off the principal on your credit card debt and limit the amount of interest you’ll need to keep paying. We leverage our standing with your creditors into more manageable debt payments for you, meaning you achieve debt relief much sooner than you could have imagined!

Let’s have a talk today (1-800-565-4595). Let us show you how easy it can be to achieve full credit card debt relief in Canada.


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