How To Avoid Bankruptcy

Avoid Bankruptcy with Consumer Credit Counselling


In Canada, we work hard year-round. We work for ourselves and for our families, and sometimes this means taking on some unforeseen expenses to help us get through some tougher times. Unfortunately, this means that we might get into a position that we think we need to declare bankruptcy.

Learn Your Options

Before you decide that bankruptcy is your only alternative, give us a call.  We have been helping Canadians for over 25 years to avoid bankruptcy.

Loan Consolidation – Before looking into the Bankruptcy option, your first step is to contact your bank to apply for a loan consolidation or use any equity in a home that you own to consolidate your liabilities.

Credit Counselling Plan – If your bank is not able to help consolidate your outstanding amount owing then we can build a plan to pay off your unsecured expenses in full by your interest rate being reduced to 0%.

Consumer Proposal Plan – With a Consumer Proposal Plan, you will be repaying back a settlement amount of approximately 30% of your debt with one monthly payment.

Here is an example of a past client’s situation:

The client owed $31,944.  They were paying $958.32/month.  With interest charges they would be paying off this amount for over 87 years.

After we built a plan, their new monthly payment was $650/month.  They would be able to pay off this amount in 5 years.

Saving them over $25,371 with a Credit Counselling Plan!


Past Client Testimonial

“I want to sincerely thank you for all your help and professionalism. This is a great relief to me. I have recommended Consumer Credit Counselling to others. Again, I want to thank you for all your help.”

Winnipeg, MB


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The longer you delay, the worse your financial situation will be. Take control of your life and stop paying all your hard earned money to only interest.

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